Raven - Teen Titans

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Raven is a half-Azarathian, half-demon hybrid who is one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans.

Dependencies included.
19,999 Polygons.

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neuralisgay 1540931799 ago

Buged all my models ty

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NightTimeNoctis 1537904946 ago

Hey there i wish there was some way i could message your easier hopefully you see this. But i was wondering IF you happened to have a model of this with lipsync and eye tracking

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wyvernofsolace 1525058733 ago

I just wanna let everyone know, "Starless" here isn't the real Starless in VRChat. That's my moniker in that realm. Just to avoid confusion, for the record.

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FItz2209 1522764452 ago

I had a character that was 21k poly and i didnt get banned

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djswagnasty 1522134279 ago

@f except it actually happened

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F Author 1521986459 ago

@djswagnasty That's like trying to say that VRChat has an Anti-cheat. If that were true then a lot of my models would be scuffed.

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djswagnasty 1521942693 ago

@F there's no point to upload anything over 60k because vrchat will decimate it automatically and damage it over 65k. Lip sinking mainly is cut

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LeiftheMan 1521921352 ago

@F Can you tell me wich line in which file i have to edit to make taller models? If you have discord you could tell me there

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Stumack 1521657418 ago

Yeah, would probably be a bad Idea to share these informations in public. Imagine a bunch of knuckles the size of the whole map xD

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kodxana 1521534941 ago

Do you have discord? Mayby you can help me with importing some models from SFM/Gmod cause I have some wierd things with it.

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F Author 1521519368 ago

Well, I modded my SDK so I can upload whatever size in height/polygons I want. But, I am not allowed to post models on here that are over the limit or require my modded SDK.

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Stumack 1521493091 ago

That one poly below the max allowed size xD
To People saying they can upload 100k poly models, is it also possible to make an avvatar bigger then allowed? Made a gyrados, but I have to keep it kinda small because the tail is so long and vrchat complains.

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LeiftheMan 1521484710 ago

@F btw how do you upload 100k poli avatars? i can only upload 40k poli. the sdk wont let me upload above 40k

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LeiftheMan 1521484602 ago

@osiris32 thats bullshit, if it would be bannable then you wouldn't be able to upload 20k poli avatars.Above 20k is bannable tho but i never heard of someone getting banned bcause of that and it will not happen

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F Author 1521454125 ago

Osiris32, considering I use personal models with over 100k polys and have yet to be banned it sounds like your information is bullshit.

Subtotal, there shouldn't be any lag at all with this model.

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SubTotal 1521451098 ago

good looking model but you forgot to join the meshes before upload to unity. that can cause people with pleb computers to lag,
osiris32 - not fact checking is bannable.

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Starless 1521447994 ago

Then ban me fucker

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osiris32 1521444553 ago

Having at 19,999 Polygons avatar is bannable.

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