Hornet [Hollow Knight][Improved from the HKP1]

Uploaded by TrixxedHeart 1521430738 ago


I have decided to remove all of my files off of VRCMods, if you want them. go here https://trixxedheartvrcavatars.tumblr.com/

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HauntedFolly 1535474094 ago

@Yalort What exactly is the pipeline manager script, and why does it have to be detached in order to upload this avatar?

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Helvegen 1521570445 ago

Hope to see other Hornets around !

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TrixxedHeart Author 1521565684 ago

You're welcome Helvegen! and that looks great! I love seeing what people can do with my models!

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Helvegen 1521563856 ago

Thanks for that lovely model !

Here's what mine looks like: https://imgur.com/a/4QVcD

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TrixxedHeart Author 1521513207 ago

If you're getting purple textures you might have not followed the instructions in the description. If you haven't delete the files then try the instructions then see if it works

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Yalort 1521502490 ago

@SpriteThePixl, click on the avatar in the scene and in the inspector, detatch the pipeline manager.

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SpriteThePixl 1521498578 ago

Amazing model, but every time I try to upload it to vrc it shows an error stating I don't have permission to upload said files or smth.

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Yalort 1521494547 ago

It gives me the error Shader error in 'CubedParadox/Flat Lit Toon': failed to open source file: 'FlatLitToonCore.cginc' at line 42 (on d3d11) and Shader error in 'CubedParadox/Flat Lit Toon': failed to open source file: 'FlatLitToonShadows.cginc' at line 177 (on d3d11)

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Yalort 1521490512 ago

Can you help me? For some reason the avatar stays purple.

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solarsnowball 1521459189 ago

Very nice work :D

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