Mega Man X Dive - Zinogre Iris

Uploaded by Vile3D 1643255977 ago


I originally rigged this up for Vinity to use on vrchat the day it released in game, but she encouraged me to give you guys a version of her too. Rigged, eye tracking, mouth, blendshapes, full body tracking, texture upscale by me Rules: None, be free, have fun! Convert the FBX to any format you want! If you need help, join my discord server! Credits and assets belong to Capcom If you like what I do and want to see more, consider supporting me on Patreon:

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Mime0Tron 1643945349 ago

Thanks for sharing your work!

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LightGreen 1643305503 ago

Yo Vile you should totally upload some rigged models from Future Fight (netmarble). I’ve seen some on skethfab but they’re not rigged. I’d love you forever haha

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