flying quest avatar drone Screenshot

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File Type Unity Package


You can't use box colliders on quest so instead we use chairs and take the colliders from that and make it collidable with the player.

Assets (20 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/! flying quset avatar/flying quest (1).controller
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/! flying quest drone.prefab
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/qus 1.mat
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/ssssssssssssss.png
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/pccc.mat
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/fly.asset
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/flying quest (2).controller
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/qus.mat
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/triger not.anim
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/ssssssssssssss 1.png
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/2.anim
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Cube.controller
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/d.jpg
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Generated/AnimationController_FX.controller
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Generated/flying_Generated.asset
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Generated/dont fly_Generated.asset
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Generated/AnimationController_Action.controller
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Generated/ExpressionParameters.asset
/Assets/! flying quset avatar/Generated/ExpressionsMenu_Root.asset

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kirxx 1693924219 ago


thelettere 1691000770 ago

Hi! Is it possible to put this prefab onto an one of my avatars so it can fly too?


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