Mario 64 (hat + no hat variants)

Uploaded by Rogi 1516238925 ago


It's-a me, Mario

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TrashStars 1598036155 ago


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RXTOTX 1534971984 ago

Could you add "Flip a bird"? I mean Middle Finger? x)

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skimimoto corp 1527388525 ago

yay now i can play the mario 64 theme song and jump off maps as soon as it gets to earrape loud

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bauernjunges 1516454059 ago

Sry. Fixed, ty.

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Rogi Author 1516267783 ago

the scenes do not contain any blueprint ID's, try removing the old version and download it next again

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bauernjunges 1516247616 ago

still cannot do that with the hat version

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Rogi Author 1516243427 ago

^ sorry, should be fixed now

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bauernjunges 1516243125 ago

No acces to the blueprint_id

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