Hoouin Kyoma (Okarin) animations cellphone cans

Uploaded by manek 1523745921 ago


a new model of the most introverted mad scientist!!!!
added a few animations such as okabe´s cellphone a can of dr pepper and a can of mountain dew if you feel kinda evil...
manual decimation, texture atlas, weight painting and viscemes.
it uses cubed shader and dynamic bones
also made the cans and the cellphone from zero using sample images from internet hope you like them
i make this project to see my progress in this new hobby and im glad to see improvement from my part so ill be waiting your feedback
source model : https://mmddls.deviantart.com/art/Okabe-Rintarou-DL-375108960

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Terallis 1558040343 ago

So, initial blend shapes work and all that is pretty solid. Though, even for desktop play, this doesn't use any of the proper methods of doing gesture overrides. That's why the existing ones are broken (and bound entirely to the forearm). Gesture overrides using props shouldn't be done using blend shapes at all. It's inefficient at best. Just a short bit of info for avatar creation going forward. Plenty of resources for the basics of gesture overrides, after all. : )

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manek Author 1523991089 ago

@ransesvf you can find me on twitter as @Manek_kun or in tumblr as manek-tmblr

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ransesvf 1523980124 ago

I wanted to ask you something in private

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manek Author 1523976286 ago

@ransesvf sorry i never used discord before but it looks pretty useful for many modelers

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ransesvf 1523942575 ago

Do you have discord?

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manek Author 1523936707 ago

@MGFABI im sorry i couldnt tested on vr i could only see it on the unity but i´ll try to improve it

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MGFabi 1523915393 ago

the way you hold the cans & phone is really broken in VR

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Thunderchild 1523766125 ago

PLease do Mayuri :D

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manek Author 1523758958 ago

@NikitoUmata trap or normal?

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NikitoUmata 1523753455 ago

i have a request, more a challenge. Can you upload a working model of kirito without the jacket.

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