Isabelle (now fully rigged!)

Uploaded by AzulieZeiro 1526482027 ago


Isabelle from Mario Kart 8 ready for VRChat and to knock out the competition, as she is wont to do.

With dynamic bones in ears, hair and tail

Now rigged up to work with IK movements, will most likely figure out how to make those expressions usable later on.

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Appetra 1616373428 ago

I'm really confused on how i'm supposed to add the expressions and stuff

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Beerus101 1585963421 ago

please add a tom nook one

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Rank Sausage 1528944603 ago

I can't upload the model, it tells me to add scene descriptor or avatar descriptor

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AzulieZeiro Author 1527389975 ago

if you give her that, then there is also the obligation to add glasses, and I'm not making no meshes.

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Nameless Woomy 1527365916 ago

does she have the clipboard and pencil?

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