(OUTDATED) Anti-Crash v4.1 (VRChat 2018.1.3 UPDATE)

Uploaded by Ted Stevens 1527302305 ago


OUTDATED, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING OR INSTALLING This page is for archive purposes... 'Video: https://youtu.be/xzGPyT7rN_Q

Open menu with (F1)

(5/29/18) v4.1: Updated for VRChat 2018.1.3

(5/27/18) v4: Hides the anti-crash client from Moderators. (retarded we have to do this just so people can enjoy the game)

v3.5: Addressed FPS issues that were reported

v3: Added ability to disable ALL custom animations (ones that trigger obnoxious shit like particle crashing or buildings)

v2: Updated with additional features like disable ALL particles from other users and ALL custom sounds.

More features to come. If you have a particular request feel free to ask via discord @Grampa#8070

v1: (Crash gun fix)'

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MkVrchat 1576194508 ago

It doesnt work I published the modle that was in the file and im pressing f1 buy it not working

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Paranoias Big Venom 1533384046 ago

So they ban people trying to enjoy the game...but they dont ban crashers mofos...INTERESTING.

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bleachwind 1532697454 ago

its not working... its crashing when i launch

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BeaniBirb 1530636522 ago

They updated the game so that it would not allow the Anti Crash client to load, since they think they are so competent to fix the game they won't let anyone else try and do their job for them

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MikaSan 1530543123 ago

Is this really anticrash?? Because after starting the game with the file, my computer freezes and does not respond to anything! Is this some kind of joke??

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BeaniBirb 1529638279 ago

Has it been updated yet?

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gasman110 1529113673 ago

this just freeze my pc god dang it vr chat update

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nanights98 1528870308 ago

Oh noooooo ;-; now i have to suffer again

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Clyde 1528836619 ago

Don't use the client until it's updated for the latest version

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AzulieZeiro 1528206737 ago

oh people can crash you even in safe mode

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bork 1528095521 ago


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yungarriba 1527849038 ago

If only we could have a patch like this but that prevented losers from stealing avatars.

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Qekkit 1527830267 ago

why dont they have an option in game for this so people arent always playing in safe mode

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Clyde 1527639115 ago

its been updated so its undetected for the latest patch

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ExperiencedTribesman 1527638747 ago

They updated the game to ban people with modded clients :thonking:

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leninjamk 1527634592 ago

Can you add me on the discord? Twhawk # 0742

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leninjamk 1527634537 ago

it breaks the animations of crash for example the one of the spear the particles that leaves the tip does not appear

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Clyde 1527634407 ago

Leninjamk, disabling all particles is just an option. When you have the client you still can see particles and not crash.

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leninjamk 1527634303 ago

Hey PLz update the first version 1.0? because I like to see the particles and not to crash than to disable them completely

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Ted Stevens Author 1527619340 ago

Updated for VRChat 2018.1.3

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Clyde 1527555463 ago

Also I accidentally deleted your comment feelsbad

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Clyde 1527555404 ago

Mods will ban you for a modded SDK but you don't see that really happening

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Ted Stevens Author 1527469910 ago

MAKE sure your readme.txt says V4!

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Ted Stevens Author 1527469674 ago

Updated, now undetected by moderators. (RE-DOWNLOAD TO GET NEWEST VERSION)

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Clyde 1527467730 ago

Noki1, send us a screenshot on discord of your banned message otherwise we'll just think of it as slander.

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noki1 1527463622 ago

Got banned for using this. Not worth it at all. Permaban and its a hardware ban, so just making a new account with a VPN doesnt do shit.

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pawel0227 1527397919 ago

Ok, there is no more frame drops. You make great job Ted, thank u for this updated my FPS are normal now.

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OskeinO 1527379789 ago

not bad i'll give this a go

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azami 1527366939 ago

@Rokon2 - Just checked that for you. They still are doing nothing about that which means if a moderator is in your room they will know you have a modified client. Odds of you being in the same room as a moderator is slim but you should still be aware of it as they are going off on people with modified clients atm.

Also you guys are probably losing FPS because all the anti-crash and animation replacement they're doing is happening OnGUI which is called every frame for every single VRCAvatarManager. Fix that by running the code once when a toggle is changed and apply whatever settings you have to people when avatar validation happens and you'll see much better results.

Best of luck. Disabling animations is the best way to go if you want to stop people from crashing you, I wouldn't bother modifying particle systems unless you're prepared to go deep into fixing it without breaking normal animations.

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Ted Stevens Author 1527365320 ago

I have addressed FPS issues that were reported, let me know if you still have any problems.

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Rokon2 1527358315 ago

I am very interested in this client - dealing with crashers, especially those with guns, have been a thorn on my side for a while. My question though is, how safe is the client itself to use in regard to VRChat's stance on modified clients? I'd like to use it, but not without the risk of getting banned because I want to prevent getting crashed, y'know? A double-edged sword, if you will.

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pawel0227 1527341375 ago

Oh, ok. I hope Ted will try to do something with this frame drop. Now i will just play without this.

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Baeronius 1527327163 ago

VRchat has a few memory leaks in the system. It's not uncommon to be bogged down by data that is not supposed to be there Pawel. It's also not uncommon for modded clients to have their own problems. The whole idea here is to balance your problems.

Also if your graphics card is different than the one a mod is designed toward, you're gonna get frame drops, guaranteed.

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pawel0227 1527326594 ago

No, I check this. When i'm in great pug without this file i have 50-60 fps, and when i'm there with this file i have 20-30 and sometimes it's drop to 10 fps.

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Clyde 1527322404 ago

You're losing FPS due to models

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pawel0227 1527322289 ago

I lose many fps when i have it in game files. How can i increase this? Its hard to play with 20-30 fps

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Ted Stevens Author 1527316286 ago

Updated again to address minor problems

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Ted Stevens Author 1527311252 ago

Another update has been added, ability to disable custom animations for other users (stops shit animations that spawn buildings or obnoxious particle spam and dumb shit)

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nanights98 1527309638 ago

Finally! Will I finally be able to play with people without trollers coming on to crash everyone!

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