Konan Swimsuit Oufit

Uploaded by OskeinO 1527374304 ago


So at Last I imported a model to vrchat featuring Konan from Naruto in the Akatsuki in some eyecandy ( ' w ')b lol I plan on doing her other 3 costumes when i get the chance and eventually akatsuki outfit? anyhow enjoy I tried putting eyetracking on here but i don't think it works with these kind of models from ultimate ninja storm.

Model From Orginal Source is here via Link - https://naruto-3d-modelers.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Konan-Pack-DL-578501760

- Visemes
- Blink

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Misamisageorg 1613801898 ago

What map is this avatar in?

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underhan9900 1527430817 ago

its hot

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