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Ghastly Fox Girl - UPDATED 2/19/2018 Screenshot

16.2K Total Downloads

391K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Fixed again for the last time.

Assets (19 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Models/GhostFoxV1/Materials/Black details.mat
/Assets/Models/GhostFoxV1/Materials/Fox ears.mat
/Assets/Models/GhostFoxV1/Materials/Fox ears.png
/Assets/Models/GhostFoxV1/Materials/Black details.png
/Assets/Models/GhostFoxV1/Materials/Bunny shirt.png
/Assets/Models/GhostFoxV1/Materials/Bunny shirt.mat

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Fapples 1518750201 ago

File doesn't open, gives me an error.

Memila 1585090909 ago

how the heck do I put this on VRC? I tried to put it on unity but it did not work help

Polygonal 1586824752 ago


dustthepikachu 1569086291 ago


aestheticpotato 1525183514 ago

This is a very nice skin for vrchat, ive ben watching whoops for a while now and couldn't find this skin anywere. I finally found it here but when i put it into unity 5.6.3p1 an i did all the steps correctly like ive been doing for other models but when i unzipped the skin so i can see it on the base it was all magenta, please fix this unless it is just a bug. Thank you

Kagachi377 1519954486 ago

Is there a way to remove the tails from this model?

arcrox 1519171585 ago

It looks like the dynamic bones in this last update were removed. :(

Serenity 1518857581 ago

It's really lovely! but... the eyes keep looking at things randomly and one side of the skirt keeps flickering..

MrWengs 1518498396 ago

Arms are broken pls help

Cat Lord 1518209235 ago

I'm having trouble uploading it to vrchat, unity keeps saying there is an error with the files, is there something i'm missing?

ShikiKano 1517428757 ago

Hey anyone got idea why i cubic shaders keep model purple and when i install cubic shaders from github the model renders correctly but i can;t export it , lower it says model doesn;t exist even tough it's in the scene , if any one got a ready unity package or a way to fix it i would appreciate

Herr Hasenfus 8250 1517349354 ago

the hand seams are fixed, but there is definitely an issue with the textures on the hands now

ggqf Author 1517177231 ago

@Melgui Join our discord and feel free to PM me.

Melgui 1517177113 ago

and I need to know if you can give me without been a unity file?, because I like to edit and create things with blender... I understand if you don't want

Melgui 1517176309 ago

Does it have Eyes tracking?

drewdesu 1517060133 ago

Tails dont work?

ggqf Author 1516932858 ago

Updated and cleaned up, optimized and hopefully no seams in the hands

BoxyWoops 1516893371 ago

Yea theres a lot of seams open on the character hands, torso, and the neck. I heard you say that you were gonna update it and fix the issues so I cant wait for that. Also if you could make her outfit and hair separate so they could be colored that would be awesome.

LuigiGamer13 1516731604 ago

Every time I upload a skin my unity crash

ggqf Author 1516694054 ago

In the next week or so I'll be updating this and all my other uploads to fix issues that many people seem to experience. Be patient and I'll do an @everyone on discord when updating is complete.

Xaroset 1516691611 ago

I also have the really bad Textures on the hands.

Herr Hasenfus 8250 1516687304 ago

GGQF, is there any way to fix the textures on the hands? or is this an isolated issue only I am having?

Vivi 1516639496 ago

Luigi you need to put Cubeds-Unity-Shaders: Into assests before the skin or double click on the skin and change the shader to unlit texture.

LuigiGamer13 1516638734 ago

Every time I saw this skin purple pls help.And when I go to upload my skins the unity crash

ggqf Author 1516589548 ago

This model has been updated so all bones and shit work

Herr Hasenfus 8250 1516589536 ago

although, I am having trouble with the hands looking messed up. if anyone knows how to fix this please contact me as well.

Herr Hasenfus 8250 1516588932 ago

i should not that the non English character at the end of my name was removed. plug "foot" into google translate and translate to German. the last character in the German word for foot should come after the u in my name. sorry for the trouble.

Herr Hasenfus 8250 1516588783 ago

vivi, contact me on discord and ill hook you up. Herr Hasenfu#8250

Weso2222222222222 1516569121 ago

You should make more skin because your skin pretty good

Weso2222222222222 1516568596 ago

The skin texture looks a bit weird on the character but the skin is really good made

Vivi 1516549901 ago

None of the wiggle seems to be working for me, is there a step the Install Instructions doesn't cover?

Dipurokodo 1516503294 ago

how to change color to white? I use unity for the first time :(

seabug 1516491397 ago

hello top download in a couple of days

ggqf Author 1516474877 ago

@Ethereum, thanks for linking directly to the artist I probably should've done that myself.@Lightning that's something wonky with Unity, I don't know why. But if you go through each material there will be one with its color set to purple, just set it to white and It should look fine.

Lightning 1516473280 ago

Mine Shows up all purple

Ethereum 1516460700 ago

Thank you so much, I've been trying to rig this thing for hours but i'm just getting started with unity and such so i'm terrible at it. Deviant artist is YTNeroK.


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