Spring Goddess Astolfo [BETA]

Uploaded by Satsuki 1527891002 ago


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Here it is: The first ever custom creation on our VRCMods-account!
Please note that this is a beta-release! The full release will be on DeviantArt, when it is done, as we want the undecimated version in its full glory! We will update this description and post a link once it is released.

Spring Goddess Astolfo by Satsuki

Link to original model: [Will be added once it is complete and released]

List of features:
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Lip sync
- Eye tracking and blinking
- Dynamic Bones
-- Hair
-- Dress
-- Boobs

- :3
- Creepy face (only there because face is a bit broken and we found it funny so we kept it lol)

- Neko Dance
- Cake by the Ocean

Everything you need except for the VRCSDK is contained within the package!

All our uploads can be imported into the same project! You don't need to import the VRCSDK every time. Just be sure to import the shaders and Dynamic Bones only once! If you're not sure, just use seperate projects, that works fine as well!

Look here for a video on how to import the avatars:

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Lyeco 1528019047 ago

Because the trap has been disarmed

2 Reply
Lyeco 1527951629 ago

Wait, it must've been a genderbent astolfo


No bulge = not trap

1 Reply
Snoipah 1527950190 ago

best trap

1 Reply
AzulieZeiro 1527917771 ago

that is adorable!

1 Reply
Lyeco 1527896721 ago

The trap is now even more convincing that is a girl

Just try your best not to imagine it that it has a dick.

1 Reply
Pinky Heart 1582232523 ago

Has the full version ever been finished?

0 Reply
Th3AegisBlade 1561664144 ago

where's the avatar?

0 Reply
TsumiTsundere 1530047807 ago

@Satsuki Alrightly!

0 Reply
Satsuki Author 1529272691 ago

It's a beta release, so it will have bugs. We will be redoing the animations, later this month.

0 Reply
TsumiTsundere 1529000671 ago

I love this model, my only problem is that when you do the Cake by the Ocean Dance Action, Something covers up the face [My guess is the blush or something?]

0 Reply
Emmaterasu 1528018796 ago

...Why is it female?

0 Reply
Satsuki Author 1527958125 ago

Link to video is now fixed! Thanks a lot @Whyz :D

0 Reply
Killerbee 1527891218 ago

As always, amazing releases. Keep up the great work.

0 Reply

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