[Rainbow Six Siege] Tachanka [Textures Download in Description]

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These are divided into 2 parts, one from VRCmods and one from the link below
TEXTURES FILES DOWNLOAD HERE : https://mega.nz/#!qpFVTYZQ!-pok_dv3e2JA45or6KD2h6mHsOeq3lBJd3fVdTDjsXo

Fixed a glitch that some mesh from putin head is not weight painted.

Everything are all decimated within 20K Poly

-Cubed's Unity Shaders : https://github.com/cubedparadox/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders/releases/download/0.24/CubedsShaders.unitypackage

F2 = Pistol
F7 = LMG
F8 = Open the Headguard


WARNING: Currently, The guns are not be able to fire at the moment. + Large textures file size.

File Compressed from 276 MB to 77 MB and divided into 2 parts
37MB and 40MB

Credits :
Auditor for SFM Tachanka Model
FiL0S0V for GMod Putin Model

=Known Issue=
Q: His helmet and boots are purple.
A: Try to use "Flat lit toon lite Double sided" Shader.

Q: I saw that your models hips and pelvis angle showing a warning is it fine to continue?
A: Yes , I already override Idle Animation so there is nothing to care about.

Q: In bone configure Menu there is an error from spine.
A: Just Ignore it.

Q: When ingame there is some image glitch on my screen.
A: Its a Flat lit toon lithe double sided shader glitch from helmet material. Try to use other double sided shader like the one below:

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brabrabra2 Author 1551960051 ago

@sokonogomi New VRchat SDK does not allow MeshCollider. I investigated and found there is a MeshCollider in the icon. So, just delete its component.
We don't use it.

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sokonogomi 1551951406 ago

I try to upload it but it just keep telling me "the following component types are found on the avatar and will be removed by the client MeshCollider" and i stuck there, I don't find any MeshCollider, need some help please

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MrGhostToast 1547937812 ago

There seems to be a problem with the meshcollider, it says that it's going to remove the meshcollider and won't let me publish

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willis8080 1546080242 ago

I know this is a late reply, but shouldn't Tachanka's pistol be GSh-18

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smt1010 1541817231 ago

how do i put the texture on jQuery32106718299541390471_1541816554818

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brabrabra2 Author 1534849023 ago

@SmolBoi read in the description.

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SmolBoi 1534041538 ago

No textures in the file, everything is just gray

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meredin360 1533849459 ago

I tried that but it made the whole model pink, I'm not good with unity :(

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brabrabra2 Author 1533546113 ago

@meredin360 Download the double sided shader in the description(in the lowest line) and apply to helmet and boots material.

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meredin360 1533501709 ago

where does one get the shader to fix the head and boots being pink?

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gl1tchmatrix 1531339579 ago

can you post a video on how to do this im stupid

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TrueRight 1529561374 ago


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brabrabra2 Author 1528464871 ago

@Lzparalyze If Cats blender plugin have an update with fully support to SFM Model. I will upload to VRCMods Again.

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Lzparalyze 1528457655 ago

can you make Mute please that would be awesome

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HaveFun 1528377984 ago


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Players 1528371083 ago

lord tachanka

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chunkymonkey 1528325688 ago


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