Daxter (Update, now IK support)

Uploaded by AzulieZeiro 1528742693 ago


Its Daxter, with pants!

A complete re-rigging of Daxter to include hands, ears and tail bones so he works proper now.

No mouth and eye movements yet.

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prothean 1533549400 ago

would you be able to do Jak aswell?

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AzulieZeiro Author 1528769571 ago

Here's a stable link :p

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Zecon19 1528763111 ago

Same error. I would like meow model meow!

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AzulieZeiro Author 1528744145 ago

I reuploaded it cuz it errored last time.

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MasterTails 1528743099 ago

I think ic still uploading i can download it yet....

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