Realtoon material for Tragedian

Uploaded by AzulieZeiro 1529114413 ago


Material for this model

Curious to see how the textures would look using the realtoon shader, this is just the material, textures and shader. Textures are not altered, you dont need to replace those.

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RogueMorty 1529178910 ago

I'm the one that uploaded real toon shader........ :/ I was being sarcastic.

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AzulieZeiro Author 1529155739 ago

how about you search this site for real toon shader instead of being an idiot?

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ledoriver 1529148423 ago

i don't really get it...

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RogueMorty 1529135868 ago

I have this intense feeling..... You did not buy real toon shader, where did you get it from?

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sushi hime 1529126513 ago

nice ty

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