Tohka Yatogami(Date a Live)

Uploaded by LightRuler 1529629595 ago


Have Dynamic Bone, Lipsync, Eye tracking, Eye Blinking.

her Lipsync is not very good, but decent model.

You can pick eye textures with OpenMe and OpenMe2.

model from(not made) xSnowCherryxx's Blog.
rigged by Aceyoen

Note: There is a problem with some hair passing through the body. But it does not interfere with the game.

There is no problem in the game, but it may seem strange because there are transparent parts of hair parts.'

Cubed Shaders package Required.

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khazuwall 1542321951 ago that is the avatar in unity

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khazuwall 1542321057 ago

guess we wont be getting that avatar pic

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Woody5454 1533865977 ago

my dude can you make wraith from evolve

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lewdmon 1532264218 ago

Who cares about that reposting ass's blog?

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Tetrelle 1530655932 ago

Can we get a screenshot of the avatar instead of a picture of the source inspiration? Can't tell if I want it or not without seeing it.

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