Pinkypie, human, full rig!

Uploaded by AzulieZeiro 1529855420 ago


Now I have a proper skeleton to work with, I got to go back and redo Apples and Flutters so they can have full tracking support. Also found a simple bone setup for hair bits.

video of the process:
I hope you don't mind hearing happy bounce repeated like 11 times.

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DarkSpitfire20 1531443412 ago

thanks I am grateful

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AbyssDrips 1530377153 ago

@DarkSpitfire20 You can still do it as long as you press "Add Component" under the avatar within the hierarchy of the scene and type in VRC_Avatar Descriptor and apply that.

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AbyssDrips 1530377022 ago

What has VRChat become over these years?

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AzulieZeiro Author 1530210865 ago

try harder.

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DarkSpitfire20 1530209291 ago

A VRchat Avatar Is Required to have an Avatar Descripter This doesn't have one so I cannot do it

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