Nightmare (96K poly)

Uploaded by Celluki14 1530444551 ago


Death is near...

Model (not by me) :

Sorry for the 96K poly. The model is very ugly with the decimation.

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FenrirTheRipper 1540696223 ago

The only reason you would ever get banned for modding SDK is if you're causing problems, like how people crash server's with their avatar's and if your character is simply too extreme.

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cyb3r 1534650050 ago

amazing! fyi to those who think you will get banned for modding the sdk, no you will not, most creators do it.

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chunkymonkey 1530940970 ago

can you do bonnie plz

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Prez 1530902965 ago

You realize you could've just decimated this instead of modding the sdk, right? (You do realize that modding the SDK is bannable, right?)

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MAGES 1530851506 ago

How do you exceed the polygon limit?

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MrMultiverse 1530722877 ago

could you do circus baby please?

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Cokey 1530680878 ago

Also please do Nightmare Mangle next

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Cokey 1530680723 ago

Shaders? Dynamic bones? Modded vrcsdk? Does it have any emotes? F key actions?

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chunkymonkey 1530502484 ago

ok also you cool

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TrixxedHeart 1530487266 ago

I was able to get it down to 41 k polys at least without too much quality loss...

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chunkymonkey 1530457185 ago

do springtrap next

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