Enoshima Junko (Dynamic Bones)

Uploaded by HazeUsendaya 1516720478 ago


Enoshima Junko from Dangonronpa. Model by OkpOkpX2. Enoshima Junko (C) Rui Komatsuzaki & SPIKE Chunsoft. I did not edit this model, I only imported it for VRChat and set up the physics. Has visemes as well as hair, breast, and skirt physics.

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thenekogirl36 1525983283 ago


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Rokk 1519074367 ago

The model is really good, and the animations are awesome too. However, the eyes are always half-closed, even in Unity. Is there any chance you could fix this?

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ggqf 1516741285 ago

Yeah guys, sometimes even if a model is High Poly, it's more often than not been optimized by the original maker or us. The way they'll be rendered in-game won't have too much of an impact on other players unless their machines are really really bad.

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Monarch 1516726681 ago

Agreed! I love the physic animations and the picture animation you create for the picture rather than the original T Pose! I'll be following your posts for sure!

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HazeUsendaya Author 1516726541 ago

Thanks guys :) 19999 shouldn't cause any lag. The model itself is well optimized.

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Monarch 1516726257 ago

I'll just use it! Thanks for the awesome model! Danganronpa is amazing! If you create any other characters like Nagito would be awesome! Keep up the great work btw!

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Smurfz 1516726045 ago

Make them suffer, mwahahaha

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Monarch 1516725647 ago

Will lag be an issue for others?

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HazeUsendaya Author 1516725529 ago

It's 19999, that is acceptable for VRChat

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Monarch 1516724319 ago

Too many polygons, is there a way for me to lower the amount?

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