Maid Miko (Dynamic Bones, Eye Tracking, Gestures, Voice Lines)

Uploaded by tirru 1533092095 ago


58K Polygons

Dynamic Bones

Cubed Shaders (Version 0.25)

VRCSDK - Make sure you have the newest SDK! (Unity version: 2017.4.15f1 ONLY)
Under the download section of the VRChat website.

(This video shows you how to do everything past step one! 2 minutes long:

1. Make sure you download Dynamic Bones, Cubed Shaders, and the Modded VRCSDK then import them into Unity.
2. Download and import the Maid Miko unity package. (Make sure the first step is done FIRST.)
3. Open the Miko the Maid scene located within the folder.
4. Upload and enjoy!

Shift + F2 or Fist: >< face + Awoo
Shift + F4 or Finger point: Smug + Heheheh
Shift + F5 or Peace sign: Wink + Punyuu
Shift + F6 or Rock n' roll: Excited + Welcome Home
Shift + F7 or Handgun: Resting + Purr
Shift + F8 or Thumbs Up: Smile + Wanwan

NEED HELP?: - Here's my server!
Don't be afraid to use the #avatar-help channel or message me if you have any issues!

I also do commissions as well, so join the server and send me a message if you're interested!


Ooka Miko, Sharo Kirima

I would appreciate if you didn't put this in your avatar worlds (unless you edit the model of course!)
Thank you!

Succubus Girls:

Ron the Cat Girl:

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Akviall 1596155633 ago

this is kawaii thank you for making and sharing this avatar ^^

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jewelz 1536736450 ago

aren't avatars supposed to be under 20k polygons

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newkitty 1534729121 ago

Soooo cute! Kawaii! Thx!

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tirru Author 1533233863 ago

Fixed the eyes moving sometimes with mouth movement.

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Nhion 1533227447 ago

Oh okay thx for your amazing work ^^

0 Reply
tirru Author 1533224479 ago

@Itach1san Thanks for telling me, just uploaded a fix!
@Nhion Just fixed the unitypackage.
@Seulo Yes I did. TriHard

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Seulo 1533217117 ago

great model, also you put something inside the head :thinking:

0 Reply
itach1san 1533209399 ago

Author forgot to delete collider on his credit plane inside the head. All you have to do is delete that and you won't have problems in pug and jumping

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Nhion 1533200347 ago

I love your avatar but when i'm using it and try go up the stair in the great pug. It's like i teleport outside the map or somewhere else or the respawn x.x. I don't know how to fix that.

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tirru Author 1533092483 ago

@Clyde Yeah.. I love seeing edits but when people just download it from vrcmods and put it straight in their avatar world with no ediits then it's ResidentSleeper

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Clyde 1533092309 ago

"I would appreciate if you didn't put this in your avatar worlds (unless you edit the model of course!)"

People already upload our avatars to avatar worlds and even watermark them.

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