Casual! Oka (v2)

Uploaded by Quadrat 1516809323 ago


ka-cola Waif

Last Works:
Add Dynamic Bones
Vis is now Working
EyeTracking works
Blinking Addet

So far my work on this project is done.
Let me know if u have any wishes (Weapons, Flowers or anything)

Ty all for the Upvotes and Downloads!

Orginal Model+Creator:

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Polygonal 1586824808 ago


1 Reply
Ladyhawk1970 1544744673 ago

I would love to see a Snail Trail Marker in her, Several of my friends are Deaf, Writing Avatars are essential .

0 Reply
Zoruu 1543386750 ago

Does this modl have any expressions or emotes

0 Reply
DoseiSan 1541797257 ago

Loving the model!

0 Reply
PureMystery 1540135396 ago

@eaven he did give credit to creator

0 Reply
Eaven Starchilde 1539496105 ago

This is stolen from from friend. You did not create this model.

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pcgamingdavid 1539133831 ago

add the Dubstep Gun That is my wish

0 Reply
Quadrat Author 1528480143 ago

Currently i run into problems becouse the i build a new Pc-setup and the current blender version keeps crashing on me. I also lost all my models i worked on. So i cant do anything atm untill i can run blender again.

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Cokey 1528471013 ago

I love this model but please fix the eyes and skirt, the eyes cross sometimes during the eye tracking and they glitch before repeating and when I run backwards the skirt glitches a little backwards and shows her underwear :v

0 Reply
hacko 1526438652 ago

hey! very nice avatar! can you please add something like a feather duster or a gun? this model would be perfect but I like having atleast something to pull out. maybe a weapon like a scythe? idk

0 Reply
Clyde 1525390835 ago

To fix the pink problem you need to import cubed shaders BEFORE you import the avatar. If you have already imported the avatar then you need to make a new project and import the shaders before importing the avatar once again.

0 Reply
Meeps 1524533696 ago

There seems to be an issue with the package or smth as Unity gives an Shader error in CubedParadox/ Flat Lit Toon: failed to open source file. Also the shaders are already included in the package.

0 Reply
Quadrat Author 1522953597 ago

U need the Shader pack, i think its not includet

0 Reply
Dadalicious 1522873986 ago

Hi I'm a huge noob anyone know how to fix the pink textures.

0 Reply
Zen Oh 1522650704 ago

She's still pink even after I imported the cubed unity shaders...

0 Reply
Tingv2 1518836702 ago

Add weapons :D

0 Reply
Quadrat Author 1518057453 ago

Allright Guys! There is ur Update! Eye Tracking and Blinking :) Enjoy

0 Reply
Niiro 1517730634 ago

are the materials suppose to be bright pink when u import?

0 Reply
Nostalgic 1517445340 ago

What arcrox said, also a kitchen knife (one o' them thicc ones) would be cool too :p

0 Reply
arcrox 1517443587 ago

Eye tracking/blinking would be wonderful :)

0 Reply
CJLogix 1517357596 ago

oh it worked! thanks!!

0 Reply
Quadrat Author 1517322038 ago

After u download and import the Package into unity, make shure to dubleclick the Szene file! I set everything up to work. Dubleclick the Szene and u are rdy to Upload!

0 Reply
CJLogix 1517307389 ago

fairly new to uploading avatar but I got the lip sync set to viseme blend shape, got body attached to it, and all the visemes matched up, but still the mouth does not move. What am I doing wrong?

0 Reply
Quadrat Author 1517203260 ago

Mouth is Working since the last update!

0 Reply
arcrox 1517107816 ago

Love this model, but the hair on this updated version is too decimated imo, looks jagged. Would love a working mouth and some dynamic bones as well.

0 Reply
BoxyWoops 1516821946 ago

I think its a fantastic model. hair, skirt, and mouth physics would make this A1.

0 Reply
Quadrat Author 1516818059 ago

Working on it!

0 Reply
Thundaa 1516817512 ago

No Visemes?

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