Rachel Gardner from Angels of Death

Uploaded by honeyOTU 1534972553 ago


4 custom emotes, 2 shape keys, lip sync, eye tracking, dynamic bones, and more. You can add more shape keys if you edit it, but I wanted to preserve hand functions.

Model made ready for VRChat by yuriplisetsky
Model by https://www.deviantart.com/darkivralii666/art/Cham-Rachel-Gardner-DL-757792467

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AphraRose 1579728718 ago

can someone tell me why the model is purple

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Reavo 1578573918 ago

I'm just gonna nig this one out

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mindlessgonzo 1561641711 ago

Needs a gun. XD

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CrimsonRM 1545587954 ago

why as no one made jack yet T-T

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Hayan 1545382415 ago

You can't prohibit a model. Prove it else or you're bullshitting.

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Cat sage 1542628218 ago

This model is prohibited.

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honeyOTU Author 1535528681 ago

@A row gta o I might be able to help you get him on here

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honeyOTU Author 1535528621 ago

@Cetrica get the VRChat modded SDK; most models I've seen on here require it anyways

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Cetrica 1535504127 ago

The avatar needs to be decimated, it's more than 20k polygons.

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A row gta o 1535368621 ago

Call model Dud you saved me the time of creating my own version, i have my own version of Zack, already in VrChat i tryed to upload it on here but i keeps saying it contains dll an i cant get round it

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honeyOTU Author 1535177090 ago

@gpuna yeah, i followed the tutorial on the vrcmods website, but it just isnt working. im trying multiple things right now, so it might be down for a while

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Gpuna 1535175570 ago

@honeyOTU you have to export the folders that contains everything of the model, but also the scene of the setup the model. Not only the scene. So basically, your old download plus the scene of the set up models with the dynamics,emotes, and discriptor. Hope this helps ^-^

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honeyOTU Author 1535173138 ago

@dessadammit i see, ill try to fix it :)

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dessadammit 1535143533 ago

There's no scene included. So you'll have to take the avatar into blender yourself for visemes and everything.

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DUCK 1535043738 ago

make rachel green and then ill give it a wank you fag

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DuMaCuK 1535010865 ago

Until now, there is no unity file with the avatar itself .....

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nanights98 1534981367 ago

Omg yes I’ve been wanting this avatar

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honeyOTU Author 1534980693 ago

@DuMaCuK what do you mean?

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DuMaCuK 1534980403 ago


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honeyOTU Author 1534980240 ago

@LoudPedal im currently trying to find one ^^ if i can, i will be sure to upload one of him as well

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honeyOTU Author 1534980212 ago

@gpuna yes that is what i meant gpuna. the physics and everything were done by me (yuriplisetsky). i can see where there would be confusion, so i will fix the post. all credits of creating the actual model go to darki!

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DuMaCuK 1534979094 ago

where the avatar itself is not a cube?

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LoudPedal 1534978729 ago

any chance you can get a Zack model?

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Gpuna 1534974065 ago

I love that you posted this, but I was looking at the one I had in unity and this looks identical to the model of Rachel here made my Darkivralii666. https://www.deviantart.com/darkivralii666/art/Cham-Rachel-Gardner-DL-757792467.
Maybe you meant he got it vrchat ready and isn't the creator of this project?

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