Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III [Fixed 12/4]

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IMPORTANT UPDATE - This model has officially been updated and fixed. Any problematic issues such as high polygon count should not be here anymore.

A pretty decent version of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III. Also, please do excuse me if there are tons of modelling parts inside the download - had to continuously reduce the amount of polygon count to reach the required 20K.

1. As stated, download all dependencies, VRChat SDK and Unity. Ensure you are logged in.
2. Look for "Lancer_Evolution_III.obj" with the Mitsubishi model in it. Drag it inside the environment.
3. Proceed to scale the X, Y and Z axis to 1 unit. (not needed tbh)
4. Move the model in the coordinates (X: 0, Y: 0.185, Z: 0)
5. Create an empty GameObject through GameObject > Create Empty, proceed to drag Lancer_Evolution_III.obj in the left tab to this GameObject to make it the child of GameObject. You will need to do this as the direction of axis of the model is wrong during production. Ensure that the coordinates and scaling of this new GameObject is 0 and 1 respectively!
6. Add component on the right tab (VRC_AvatarDescriptor) to the GameObject (not "Lancer_Evolution_III.obj"!) and proceed to place camera's position at (X: 0, Y: 1.85, Z: 0.2)
7. Place the Main Camera in the direction such that it faces the front of the model.
8. Proceed to upload as per usual. This isn't a humanoid, so do not worry if errors do pop up stating that regular animations won't be implemented.

1. Drag the 'Mitsubishi EVO3 Scene' to the scene after you have imported the new file from this recent update.
2. All specifications and adjustments have been rendered. You can double check the values through the old steps given above.

The original model was ripped from SimRaceway developed by Ignite Game Technologies inc. to be compatible for MMD.
DNM( - Ripping the model
MGZweiis(@deviantart) - rigging
IceSeasons / PotatoSalae - Implementation and setup for VRChat
SPH file author undetermined
If you do wish to edit and republish this, please credit the previous authors. Leave a comment if you do enjoy it! :)

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EDIT: Added more clarity and information to the instructions.

Heyo guys!

It's been two months since I last touched VRChat and my own projects to it. Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize for the slow response and progress on this project in spite of the massive support you guys have given to this project for the past 2 months. My real life commitments have been difficult for me to manage this freelance development for quite some time, but I can assure you guys that this won't happen again in the near future. I have finally fixed up the scene and the textures in this recent update. Do let me know if there are any problems that you encounter with this build!

UPDATE 14/4: Updated the title so that at least people know that previously broken models are now up and functional.

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IceSeasons Author 1523434305 ago

The new file with the included scene has been uploaded. Please download the new file with the instructions given to upload the avatar.

Apologies if the unity files back then were messed up. The tool used to decimate this avatar was a different software from the one I used to make the AE86 Trueno. I have managed to patch the problems and it should be ready to go.

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ExperiencedTribesman 1518137370 ago

If you're experiencing problems with the model make sure you import all assets and then click File, and Open Scene and open the .unity file for the mod.

DO NOT just drag the files into the Unity window, you will lose vital info if it's a pre-configured scene.

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jameye 1517858548 ago

You have to upload the X.unity files together.
(File-Save sence as)

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IceSeasons Author 1517639335 ago

I've redownloaded the files again upon your claims and have found some consistent errors with the formatting and the names of the files. Textures are working, but the model is not taking up the amended model changes I've made. I suspect it could be due to the disparity in the scripts I used to decimate parts of the model. Regardless, I will re-upload another format of it in the next few days and fix the source as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for bringing this up!

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ShivetteSenpai 1517631906 ago

please re check all the models in the download.they are all above 20k.even if you follow the instructions, the car measures too large on one axis after you made the car the parent of the empty object.when the car isnt the child of the empty object,there was no such warnings.please fix this

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IceSeasons Author 1517030149 ago


I've just seen your comment regarding the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III and that you've stated that there is 26238 polygons after creation. Can you please specify and recreate the steps needed to attain that scenario? I believe that the instructions were quite specific enough, but if you require any more assistance please feel free to PM me here or on Steam!

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Nicholai Wolf 1516992401 ago

Pretty sure I've followed the instructions but the model is still 26238 polygons and can't be uploaded

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IceSeasons Author 1516951857 ago

Whoops! I left some parts of the instructions in the AE86 format (OFFICIAL) instead of the "Lancer_Evolution_III.obj". You just need to follow the same instructions, but just that the file name is different since both models are different.If you are still experiencing problems, please do not hesitate to write down here!

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trevsaster 1516943524 ago

i cannot find OFFICIAL

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