LexiChi V4

Uploaded by Lexidoll 1541014616 ago


This avatar was created by me: Lexidoll (Lexidoll#1337 on discord)
you are free to use this model as you please.

Here you can find the raw asset files: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ai6p7Z7l4NEOqCJ7jcdQBfyjveO1

you can also redistribute these files also as you see fit however I ask you add the Credits texture for the Credit material and do not remove it from the model.

I make models for the sake of creativity and expression
However I have real world struggles that get in the way of me being able to do so, as such. I would appricate any donations or tips that head my way.

My patreon link: www.patreon.com/LexiAvatars /

Again thanks to Rantis#4400 and Spade#8698 for being huge helps towards making v4 and being amazing friends!

Also with how v4 is designed, be aware of how well you optimize it. make sure you do not have seperated meshes or too many materials.. or else the ghost of performance past will come get you at 3am.

(do not come to me complaining cats broke your rig or removed half the model, or else my own ghost will come get you at 3am)

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Legoman99573 1577560684 ago

Snowflake Community SEX

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Keydrian 1586298765 ago

As a little FYI, CATS seems to like to break the weight painting on this if you were wondering what breaks when you do that. Managed to fix it, but it took me about 8 hours to figure that out. Modify this at your own risk of migraine.

1 Reply
Justfoxin 1660602361 ago

Yeah so uh i think its broken

0 Reply
MrMateusz 1624053772 ago

how did you make it so you can change up arms and legs and stuff? im want to make smth simmilar

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Ageious 1578762166 ago


0 Reply
BarsFromMars 1577565022 ago

Imagine pretty little snowflakes

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HeyImFurrie 1564246447 ago

the face wont show for me why wont it?

0 Reply
Abel16 1559447860 ago

can you make an optimized version of this to use in both pc and quset versions?

0 Reply
Kwiltz 1558940102 ago

I love this model but how do I get rid of the butthole without having the pants on, I might just be missing something

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ZeroJyllmeiko 1547146406 ago

I used this model a lot, even making suits for them.
Thanks to my computer crashing completely, I've lost all models, all textures, and the programs. At least your upload did quite a bit of good.

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FlowerBunny 1541115209 ago

Gasp! A model that has many interchangeable parts! And a bunny to boot!

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rollthered 1541082082 ago

@AzulieZeiro import it into blender and atlas from there.

0 Reply
AzulieZeiro 1541030486 ago

well cats tend to break things so what can u do

0 Reply
Kainet 1541030410 ago

Thanks for everything Lexi. We love u

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