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I played Delta Rune and needed to start creating characters from it.

If you use this in a world please credit me as I spent a long time on it.

edit:Recommended that you import it into a project with the cubed shaders already in it.
but now you should be able to create a new project for the model as well

Email:[email protected]
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/cgsmodels

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susakura 1545788127 ago

Please make one for Susie it would be awesome!

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MemelordDoge 1551947001 ago


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PidgeyTheThief 1544708161 ago

can you make jevil

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icywings 1542320474 ago

I can just say... thank you VERY much for creating this, I needed the fluffy boi :3

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Little Nora 1542047936 ago

This is beautiful~

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TheUnknownM 1541996106 ago

Don't forget the bad guy!!! Ho Ho Ho!

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Cokey 1541962258 ago

Please do Susie and Kris! :OO

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TrixxedHeart 1541915160 ago


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cgeyeguy Author 1541891722 ago

oh I thought I got rid of those those I was testing out some blushes and stuff, but you add them into a copy of the vrc override controller in the example files

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juliant0005 1541877491 ago

hey umm how do i add the animations

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cgeyeguy Author 1541833052 ago

Also thanks everyone who is enjoying the model!

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cgeyeguy Author 1541833024 ago

For shaders I just used Cubes Shader, but it should be fine with any toon shader

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ArabellaGami 1541813776 ago

This is beautiful!

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Emvious2 1541809076 ago

What shader do I use

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SilviaInABox 1541807740 ago

OMG that is sooooo cute! :O

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Celluki14 1541800148 ago

Great job ! Now.... Jevil

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jcgurtler 1541778121 ago


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AzulieZeiro 1541776760 ago

wow, that was fast

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cancerlord1999 1541775095 ago

i hope susie gets made

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BluAxel 1541773733 ago

if you ever get time to make Lancer, that would be fuckin awesome

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