Reg (Incinerator)

Uploaded by FreshKat 1517116068 ago


From the Splatoon inspired anime "Made in Abyss." Now you can be the Abyss' very own Astro boy who's balls are nothing mechanical. Comes with dynamic bones for the cape and hair, tracking eyes, and mouth movement.

UPDATE: Re added Dynamic Bones to the package. Always remember to load the scene.

Incinerator Update!: Blast away flesh eating beast with Reg's Incinerator!

Patch Notes:

Reg -

- Can now fire his Incinerator Canon. Mapped to Handgun.
- Has two new emotes: Happy and Startled. Mapped to Victory and Rocknroll respectively.


-Reduced resistance to incineration to 0.

As the incinerator animation includes sound, you may get an problem when uploading if you are using the newest VRCSDK. You can either solve this by removing the ONSPAudioSource component on the AudioSource of the incinerator (located on the right arm in the hierarchy, under "Crematory Canon") or, you could download this other one:!F2AH3L7T!Trcj4SssZL0eYSEUOJFNEWdLZs41wdo0CAOQMyUqBBs

Before Uploading:

-Download the cubeshaders and of course the vrcsdk if you don't have one. (vrcsdk first, then cubeshaders)
-After importing the avatar, be sure to run the scene. The scene looks like a white cube with black edges, it is usually located within the assets folder of the avatar. It should also be named after the avatar.


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ItsUrBoiYeetus 1590251641 ago

Yeah, I'm having the same problem (i think) as cream. Whenever I press "build & publish," it goes through with the whole "future proofing your content" stuff. But nothing happens after it's done future proofing the content.

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creammmm 1588855245 ago

I fixed some problems. But I cant upload to vrchat.

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ChipchipGrenade 1549039055 ago

is there a version without his hat and cape?

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Verplission 1534153810 ago

you need vr to use the handgun im pretty sure

0 Reply
Pietruz3000 1524601512 ago

Incineretor not working wuth the new vrc sdk, can you fix it? :P

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skryll 1520785747 ago

is there a tutorial ?

0 Reply
Clyde 1520272344 ago

@skryll Make the gesture: Handgun

0 Reply
skryll 1520262240 ago

how to have the incinerator ?

0 Reply
art0942 1520123784 ago


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Dubbleblack 1519246864 ago


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Bernardock 1518922465 ago

How do I use the Incinerator?

0 Reply
Crazy Ginger 1518419755 ago

would love to see an incinerator cannon emote added to this

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Drakeos 1518341330 ago

<3 love to see more male characters with custom animation :)

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MadVladTheBad 1518322216 ago

best avatar on this site, 11/10

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wuzzupdood 1517870228 ago

Still no dynamic bones .-.

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Empyrrean 1517479315 ago

No dynamic bone scripts are included with the model. Please add them. For those who want to get them to work, find a torrent of the Unity asset Dynamic Bones (unless you really want to waste 20 bucks) and add it to your project before adding the model.

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DankMemeCentral 1517251409 ago

I re Downloaded it and the cape is still frozen :/ I didn't see dynamic bones in the file either

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FreshKat Author 1517168074 ago

I updated to include dynamic bones

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Nostalgic 1517140526 ago

The first sentence of each one of these uploads kills me lol

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DankMemeCentral 1517117752 ago

how do you make the cape not stiff??

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DankMemeCentral 1517116950 ago

Omg thank you so much

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