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Defalt - Watch_Dogs 1  Screenshot Defalt - Watch_Dogs 1  Screenshot Defalt - Watch_Dogs 1  Screenshot Defalt - Watch_Dogs 1  Screenshot

6.7K Total Downloads

162.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


I usually use a "Rainbow Shader Script" for the Mask & Ears to give it more a unique look to it,
If you don't like it feel free to head to the Mask or Ears,
change the Textures Shader from "Rainbow" to "Standard"

Fully working Avatar with 100% IK Body Tracking.

The model has 18590 Polygons.


Ported and Edited from the standard edition of the Watch_Dogs 1 game itself.

The whole Mesh was teared so i had to manually fix it
so don't be surprised if the mesh isn't perfect as it is.

Feel free to edit the Avatar as you like,
but if you're going to upload it somewhere please credit me for the original version.


Make sure your Unity version is "Unity 5.6.3p1"

Make a Project with SDK for vrchat installed,

then launch the installer and import all the files contained inside the package
and you will be all good to Publish it after you done so.


Make sure you check out the applied textures of the model
as they usually will set one of themselves to either Transparent or Cutout.

Leave a comment what you think of the model.
also be sure to upvote or downvote it.

Thank you for checking out my Avatar!

Assets (29 files inside Unity Package)


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Lucasgintoki 1551278865 ago

Downvoted for being gay

CryCry Author 1543335354 ago

@Brink Sounds good to me man, I fixed the tippy toeing issue by just removing the toe bones, but if you manage to find a workaround sure man go ahead! Thanks btw.

Brink 1537336531 ago

Hey dude, love the model and have bee using it. Gonna try and rework the IK on it as looking up and down makes the entire model move up and down. I think it's a neck joint issue. If I can fix it I'll reupload the model and credit you as the Original Uploader of the model.

CryCry Author 1522362159 ago

@MaTo I'm not sure what you mean by that but it's a fully working model for both VR & non-VR users.

MaTo 1522183021 ago

@CryCryfirst i'm non VR user. thx for made it. but the neck... something is wrong. unmatching by the real person bone u know? can u fixed it for non VR users?

Deme 1521497924 ago

ok it is the Rainbow Shader that did it i put a flat picture with a texture on it and no more splitting mask

Deme 1521497408 ago

@CryCry im going to add a different Texture to the mask to see if that might be the issue but yes several VR user told me in their headsets the mask splits into 2 masks one on my head and one floating off to the left of my head it might be the shader or possibly the mask itself i will let you know when i test the different shader to see if thats what it is

CryCry Author 1521476918 ago

@ArmoredMicrobe2 Click on the Main Model in your Hierarchy, then on the right side click "Add component" then search for "Pipeline" & Select it, then Publish the avatar.

CryCry Author 1521476778 ago

Hmm I have never heard of that issue before, I got the models public on my CryCry's Lounge world, But that's strange,There's multiply layers on the mask so if you want to hide a layer you can do:A: Hide it in Unity by applying Shaders such as: UI => Default.B: Remove Layers in Blender. The mask is a solid Mesh and it has a seperate mesh ontop to give it that look...

Deme 1520501303 ago

question for you, i have a friend that uses VR in VRChat and he says while looking at this avatar the mask splits for each eye do you know of a way to use this one and not have that effect? i still want to use the rainbow shader on it but the mask seems to do weird things to VR users, it dont do it while looking in the mirror in game just when they look at the mask directly.

ArmoredMicrobe2 1520166396 ago

it says 'your scene does not have a PipelineManager' what do i do?

CryCry Author 1519735668 ago

Well your friend is either A: Using some other 3rd party software that interferes with VRCHAT.B: He's just messing with you. There's no way that this Package could contain any form of malicious files.

digtaka2 1519710427 ago

what about when you cannot access VRCHat whatsoever, what was this made with? a friend of mine said VRChat is mistaking it as malware, freaking weird.

Fearganainm 1519470850 ago

Cool Avatar:)

dexkeywolf 1519104239 ago

Been looking for a Robot Esc type Avata. I know not really robot but will work with the sounds. Good job man.

Bobalus 1518252638 ago

The odd thing is you already have a Pipline manager in there....

BigBanky 1517620741 ago

i edited it and put a power rangers head on it

CryCry Author 1517461454 ago

You can add a pipeline manager by selecting the Avatar in the Hierarchy. Then click "Add component" then type in "pipeline" then select it and you're all good to go.

multiperson2397 1517444760 ago

I get a window that says "Your scene does not contain a PipelineManager" when I click "Build and Publish" Any way to fix this?

TheUnknownM 1517433840 ago

There needs to be more avatars like this, Avatars with the glowing stuff.

CryCry Author 1517433785 ago

You're welcome man :)

izsuji 1517412267 ago

dope looking avatar! thanks for sharing <3

CryCry Author 1517411456 ago

Thank you! I hope everyone has been enjoying the Avatar so far :)

TheUnknownM 1517388643 ago

Dude, This is extremely sick. I love this avatar!

CryCry Author 1517177026 ago

Thanks man! :)

Ztarkey 1517176941 ago



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