Felix Argyle

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The famous (infamous?) trap cat boy from the anime Fate/Ze- Er... I mean, Re:Zero. If you think this is a girl, you are in for quite the (pleasant?) surprise. Now you too can know what its like to be a cat boy trap. Comes with Dynamic Bones, Eye Tracking and Lip Sync. Also comes with two facial expression animations (Mapped to Finger point and Victory).


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audcjs 1609868963 ago

skin that best represents vrchat

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Exoticbi 1582468931 ago


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SnowballSB 1538942892 ago

Unity won't let me insert Felix into the project. Either somethin's wrong with Unity or Unity doesn't like traps.

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Malkrag 1528685782 ago

It's a good model but the fingers are a little broke the textures on the fingers don't connect correctly.

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JamiiTart 1522781053 ago

How do i add the dynamic bones?

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MiKo 1518329865 ago

This model is really good, however I do wish the hair would stay in place a bit better. Whenever you walk in VR Chat the hair tends to fly around and go into the avatars head. I still want the hair to move of course, same for the ears, I just wished it would stay on the side of his head while he moved and keep its shape. If anybody knows how to solve this issue, please let me know. Other than that, this is a really good avatar and thanks for uploading :)

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ebolaman 1517214400 ago

Thank you so much i looking for this for a long time, now i only need Astolfo from Fate to complete trap collection :D

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