SWAT Mikos

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GTA 5 LSPD SWAT Mikos with Battlefield 2 weapons. This unity package will contain 1 base avatar: Scene files are located on the "SWAT Miko Assets" folder. But you can download the rest of the other 6 avatars right here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/klp27n3h7009f3x/LSPD_SWAT_Mikos.zip/file

*Requires Unity 2017 (Unity 2017.4.15f1)

~> Weapons Included:
Colt 733
M92 Beretta
Ballistic Shield


~> Custom Emotes for both standing and sitting for desktop users; and gesture triggerable by doing keystrokes: Shift+(F1-F8).

~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by doing the "rocknroll" hand gesture (firing gesture for all weapons), "thumbsup" (deploy ballistic shield), "victory/peace" gesture (switch to secondary weapon), "fingerpoint" gesture (reload weapon) and "handgun" (switch to full-auto firing mode) *if you want to fire with your pistol out, simply do a combination of both the "victory/peace" and "rocknroll" gesture with either your left or right hand.

*Special Combo gesture: Fingergun + Thumbsup or Victory/Peace = LSPD SWAT Megaphone

~> General Control Layout: https://i.imgur.com/9phAw9I.png


~> models & textures by Rockstar Games and EA DICE
~> Shield model & texture from Counter Strike: Condition Zero, by Valve

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Yuno42 1565865663 ago

It crashs on my every time because your Avatar need to much performance for Unity...

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Infected 1551149605 ago

@PonySaurus Rex
will any of these ever have a shotgun?

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MadKlauss 1550965237 ago

@PonySaurus Rex I use the Oculus. Ok, I'll try to do as you suggested. Sorry about the late reply.

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1550291100 ago

@PortalScout I believe the new vrcsdk allows for up to 70k polygons, and i think mine's just under that ~ 40k something. Also if u haven't upgraded ur unity to the 2017 variant, that's also probably it. Get the new unity 2017 version + new unity sdk.

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1550291009 ago

@coolfox24 I suggest making a new project and just try and re-import everything there and try to upload

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1550290955 ago

@MadKlauss are you using a vive or an oculus? Cuz I use an Oculus and the best way to hold your controllers with my avatars is to just hold em as you were holding an actual gun i.e. grip your controllers. As for Vive users, I'm not entirely sure how you hold that thing...

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MadKlauss 1550155225 ago

Hello! For whatever reason the guns keep randomly switching in my hand without me doing anything. I don't understand what has gone wrong. I've been experiencing this issue with all of your avatars that have guns and I wish I could fix it because I really like what you've created.

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coolfox24 1549653007 ago

i downloaded it but i can,t find where to upload the other models? it only has the p90 in the download file but in the scripts it says all the weapons as shown. how to get the rest ?

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PortalScout 1549485520 ago

so i can't use it because it has too many polygons. i already tried mantis but it didn't do much. help?

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ESPER 1549231939 ago

Thanks! got it to work.

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1549200647 ago

@ESPER try updating your unity sdk and make sure you're using Unity version 2017.4.15f1. And also whenever it pauses out for you after you clicked on the "Build & Publish" button, make sure to unpause it on the center top right of your unity screen. It's by the buttons with the "play" and "pause" buttons.

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ESPER 1549165184 ago

I need help uploading it. keep getting a lot of errors...

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Eren Jaeger 1549161305 ago

do u have a discord ?

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1549032095 ago

@KINIX yeah xD ^_^

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KINIX 1549031984 ago

GTA5 LSPD helicopter avatar + GTA5 LSPD SWAT team avatars = very nice

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1549021937 ago

@willis8080 Thanks ^_^

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1549021742 ago

@ZombieShooter0 try using a new Unity 2017 project to upload it, see if that works

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ZombieShooter0 1548997641 ago

I couldn't publish the avatar because there was a lot of errors stopping it

0 Reply
willis8080 1548978340 ago

That's even more awesome, thank you, PonySaurus Rex.

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