Witcher 3 - Ciri UPDATE (Visemes, Eye Tracking + more)

Uploaded by Eagle 1549463456 ago


Ciri from the Witcher 3


**I've put the textures in a separate 7zip because the .unitypackage was over 40MB -_-**

Make a ''Ciri'' Folder in unity, make a texture folder in the ciri folder, extract the textures there and then import the .unitypackage
How to setup the shaders if it isn't showing correctly https://imgur.com/a/yF4aulw
(when using standard on the face and body, it looks weird in vrchat but feel free to mess around with it and/or use other shaders)

I've now put the full .unitypackage on mega so you can use that one with everyting setup and good to go

Uses standard and ark-toon shader: https://github.com/synqark/Arktoon-Shaders

Ciri comes with her sword and some extra textures (for face and clothes)

Use Shift + F8 / Thumbsup to bring out her sword **(If the hand doesn't make a fist on the right hand, use *right shift* with F8 instead)

Any questions? hit me up on discord @ Eagle#4191


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Eagle Author 1549650914 ago

https://mega.nz/#!s7o10C4a!1LpK8hWiT49qnxgM6GOxTCyfa0hB3eOHK4IoBcNTQGg Here's the full package

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Eagle Author 1549650001 ago

@wallow lemme actually do THAT, i'm an idiot

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Wallow 1549489685 ago

it would be a LOT easier if you just upload the complete unity file on mega. in its current state im not even gonna mess with it, textures will not work for me at all

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weso123 1549486585 ago

Is the model full body ready

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