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Dm for commissions - Manish#0718 My Server - VrChat nickname - Hi Manish SDK 2 > Put pose in ProneIdle SDK 3 > put pose in ProneLocomotion (Details - )

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seolin1997 1625936329 ago

thank you!!

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Wyattagum 1599672137 ago

go to to learn how to install this mod

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nearlyri 1594942526 ago

how do I install the mod?

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djanky 1593908994 ago

Thanks. Added it to ProneIdle anim slot and it worked!

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Polygonal 1586824725 ago


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Nasa 1579193345 ago

My avatar legs are broke when i put override on stand.but if i not do that i can't make a pose plz help

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Petra The Warrior 1573952464 ago

Does it work with VR? i wanna sit down like this whenever I want

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Red134 1561570945 ago

Its an animation file, I think you are meant to insert it into a controller yourself. That's what I did.

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Bengui 1560940193 ago

WHERE is that AVATAR CONTROLLER at?? Pls help?Bengui#0696

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Manish Author 1555087592 ago

@KenoZzZ my discord Manish#9310

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KenoZzZ 1554928522 ago

Manish, can u please add my discord knoz#6726 i found a green skin that has an awesome song and i want the lyrics

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Gunnermaster208 1553026301 ago

Hey Manish could you possibly help me with the animation cause for me its not working. if i need to download something else with it what would I need to download? my discord ir Gunnermaster028#0194

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Manish Author 1553021680 ago

@cedbuddy yep

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cedbuddy 1552962398 ago

hey manish can u add me on discord

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Zilland 1551469816 ago

Where is the avatar contoller at?

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DevilhS 1551453008 ago

thx upvote

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LeviathanJabb 1551371830 ago

@manish thanks mate

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Minitiger 1551213028 ago

@yeoitzdanny Umm it might be their priv avatar and they do not want to publish it ;-;;

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Manish Author 1551181194 ago

@LeviathanJabb Avatar controller --> ProneIdle

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LeviathanJabb 1551178853 ago

just a quick question where do i apply this

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Megalovan0 1550999014 ago

Best pose thx

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BanFor4Years 1550959862 ago


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Nickk 1550954715 ago

how is this not suitable under community guidelines Roqj explain

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Mixed 1550912214 ago

thank you so much i have been looking for this

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yeoitzdanny 1550882406 ago

perhaps you can release the avatar in the picture as well ;/

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