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Shadow's Dance Pack 9 Screenshot

3.1K Total Downloads

73.8K Total Views

Asset Type Animations

File Type Unity Package


These dances are all full length MMD dances with the song. ~*~ READ COMMENT SECTION FOR REQUESTING MMD'S TO BE CONVERTED INFORMATION ~*~

~ This Pack Includes 5 Dances
- Beep Beep Im A Sheep (
- Confident (
- Me! Me! Me! (
- Nekomimi Switch (
- Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh! (

~How to add dances to your VRC model -

~Check out my other packs!
- Pack 7 - (
- Sexy Dances Pack - (
- Pack 8 - (
- Pack 9 - (
- Final Pack - (

I dont own any of these. I only converted them to .anim files. If the owner of the mmd (only the owner) asks to take down the mmd I will. Just post on the most recent pack.

Assets (16 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Nekomimi Switch.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Me! Me! Me!.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Me! Me! Me!.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Confident.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Beep Beep Like A Sheep.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/-Overrides.overrideController
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Nekomimi Switch.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Confident.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Nekomim Switch.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Beep Beep Im A Sheep.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Confident.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Me! Me! Me!.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 9/Beep Beep Im A Sheep.mp3

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MishaBean 1554627474 ago

Could you possibly make a tutorial on how to convert dances into .anim files? I'd love to try to tackle a few of my own but I'm not finding much help on google. I really want the U Got That dance(and music) for one of my avatars.

ShadowWovle Author 1553228418 ago

~ ~ REQUESTS FOR DANCES ARE NOW FULL ~ Pack 10 will be my final dance pack. The dances I have converted so far but havent release them yet ( I will be taking requests until it hits 20 requests or March 22. ~ ONLY ONE REQUEST PRE PERSON PLEASE ~ How to apply for requests but you must provide the youtube link, file download location, and password.
Requests (20/20) ~ Kokoro No Tamago (sorry man the 40mb limit didnt let me upload it in pack 9) ~ What Is Love ~ Loyal- Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga ~ Peek-A-Boo ~ Lupin ~ Gentleman ~ Azura's Dance ~ Wolf ~ Dancin ~ Tokyo Funka ~ Lone Digger ~ Senbonzakura ~GARNiDELiA ~ Nippon Manju ~ Heros Tonight ~Discord ~Booo! ~Gotta Go

TheGreatWhiteFox 1552914109 ago

Hope im not too late with this :>The video:
Motion link: (I think im not really sure.. sorry)
Password: 1219

Got the motion link from

spinach 1552509460 ago

hi I would like to request this :

Mitsuruw 1552229464 ago

i would like to request on this onmusic : Booo!
Video :
motion :
pass : anniversary (all low letter case)

Relamel 1552197408 ago

Tis a shame you aren't making any more dance packs, Jam to the current 9 already xD and makes avatars more lively, I appreciate the time taken from your life to make these animations.

mozzarellala 1552113424 ago

can you do more hardstep/hardstyle/shuffle type dances like the one in your 6th pack with the umbrella one?

LittleMissPlushie 1552102903 ago

id like to request a dancevideo:

Coffeeod 1552078636 ago

Can anyone help me on why the music is not playing at all?

timed 1552077569 ago

If possible I'd like to request this one:[Video]: , [Motion]:

Coffeeod 1552067403 ago

I have tried several times to get these to work, I really must be doing something wrong. The dances work fine in emotes on VRChat, but Never any music.

sylph 1551866967 ago

I'd like to request Tokyo funka:
No password on there

Red134 1551848778 ago

Downloading before the short bus arrives and all the deviantart scum gets off to tell about their "rules"

Ongaku 1551818742 ago

I would like to request a motion tooDancin:

RainDollVR 1551789389 ago

I have a Request Motion is called Wolf: YT:
File Link:
There is no password.


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