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I ported this myself. And yes, it's a motherfucking Jojo reference. If used in a world please give me and UltIMa647 some credit.
Comes with stand animation. Recommended that the animation is kept on Victory.
>requires cubed shaders and VrcSdk
mod made by UltIMa647
When uploading, please use credit image that is also uploaded(not part of the unity package but on vrc) as the avatar pfp, preview or whatever the fuck you call it.

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TheLeadZombie Author 1556770951 ago

bomb its a shame that you think anyone actually cares.

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CrackinUpp 1584290418 ago

how do you summon the stand

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bombablake13 1556684855 ago

Its a shame that you never asked Ultima if it was okay to upload this. Don't worry, I'll talk to him and maybe when you steal a model from someone think if maybe you should ask the maker if you can upload it. You gave credit but never asked if the upload to the public was okay.

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OskeinO 1553707210 ago

oh man the most op boxer on wii coming to jump and now on vrc will definately use

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TrentOS 1552172535 ago

This brings tears to my eyes. I am so proud of this community.

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