Smug Hat Kid - Dancin' meme VR/Desktop

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Hat Kid, the main protagonist of A Hat in Time, is a human-like alien attempting to collect the scattered Time Pieces, the fuel for her spaceship, so she can return home.

Her real name is unknown, as it's never mentioned in-game, and in the instruction manual, she is listed as "Me," due to it being written entirely in first person.

- Cubed's Paradox Shader required
- Rock n Roll/F6 to do the dance.

If it's missing anything let me know.

Credits to jinseiisla for the original version of the dance. - Even though the one used for the model I created myself because I didn't like the swaying motion of the head as well as it wasn't looped properly.

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Real_OwO 1595193566 ago


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Holy Crapsnacks 1561151537 ago

Anybody finished with the model? I've been wanting it for a while now. If so, please tell me a world I can get it in. (I just want the smug dance.)

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Argo 1559718152 ago

Should I put "Hat Kid", "Had Kid Fix Neck", or "Dancin" In the Scene?

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Argo 1559717804 ago

Should I put "Hat Kid", "Had Kid Fix Neck", or "Dancin" In the Scene?

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Dave Yognaught 1559544069 ago

"There's no mesh colliders on it. O_o." Found about 5 before I could upload it... Still nice model and taught me something about Unity XD

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Cheekun 1559383424 ago

Not gonna lie, it took me a long time to get this one working properly. But I learned a lot. So thanks creator.

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Dylan the cat 1558728958 ago

ok now everything BUT the shaders are working, possibly a link to the shaders so i know if i have the correct ones?

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Dylan the cat 1558724757 ago

i've tried and tried to import this and it just never works wouldn't let me build and publish among other things

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LispingPanda 1555546866 ago

it just show up as a text file for me o.o

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F Author 1553302956 ago

I literally posted how to delete them in the comments.

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oboino 1553144690 ago

doesn't work. too many mesh colliders. maybe add tutorial pls on how to upload.

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F Author 1553055915 ago

Probably because you didn't have the shaders for it. It states in the description what is needed.

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XxMjrM2xX 1552831262 ago

most of the model was pink in unity

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ScarVite 1552313773 ago

@F how do i remove the mesh coliders ?

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bobilly89 1552242161 ago

@F ur gay

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F Author 1552073566 ago

@jinseiisla Happy?

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ColdonAWeekend 1552014398 ago

thanks... i needed this in my life.

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Rubba 1552006929 ago

F made the animation from scratch lmao, i've seen older versions of it

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jinseiisla 1552000601 ago

you know, you could've atleast credited me for making that dance animation. It took me an hour to make that, atleast the only thing you couldve done is said who it was made by.

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F Author 1551968384 ago

Then just click on said object and on the right side if there's a mesh collider click the little gear icon and remove component. Didn't know I left one in there but it shouldn't block you from uploading. What version of the SDK are you using?

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GawGawHaNa 1551960514 ago

it's in F# - 2185 HEAD --> Quad (1) for me

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F Author 1551958371 ago

There's no mesh colliders on it. O_o

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GawGawHaNa 1551957359 ago

i don't know why but it won't let me upload avatar till i remove all the mesh collider

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Eagle 1551946687 ago

Nice :smug:

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