Coconut (Full Body, 5 Gestures)

Uploaded by CheinSojang 1552257996 ago


The wait is finally over
Dynamic bones and cubed shaders required
Fingerpoint: Blush
Handgun: Tongue out
Rocknroll: Cry
Thumbsup: Stare
Victory: I _ I

Eye tracking and viscemes too
Have fun

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Jennifur68 1557019727 ago

When I loaded the model into Unity the legs and breasts, I'm assuming the body as well, don't seem to have a smoothing group applied so they appear blocky because you can see the poly edges. I'd try to fix it in Blender but I just can't use Blender, I've tried several times but I'm just too used to using 3DS Max to wrap my brain around Blenders weirdness.

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CheinSojang Author 1552435158 ago

I have Chocola and Vanilla planned

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EPONAS 1552427372 ago

Will you be making the other nekopara girls in the future?

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DivineDOT 1552261900 ago


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Eagle 1552258212 ago

More titties

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