Hatsune Miku (Mikuzukin) Red Riding Hood

Uploaded by rabstar 1517498430 ago


From SEGA's rhythm game 'Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd'

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Hayan 1547134391 ago

The avatar doesn't quite look like the figure. Her shoulders are wide and waist is thick, like a male. It's fine for individual parts, but when looking at it as a whole, it looks awkward. Anybody else feel that

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DeathShiva 1517770906 ago

Ksubaki, no it hasn't. I downloaded it awhile ago. Sorry buddy.

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Ksubaki 1517768881 ago

has this been downsized to less than 20k polygons pls?

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rabstar Author 1517766943 ago

Make sure you have cubed unity shader, if you require support please use the discord :)

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DeathShiva 1517762537 ago

This model shows up pink for me & I'm not understanding why. Other files are showing up just fine. But this one & a few other models are pink. :(

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Ksubaki 1517662350 ago

i cant wait for this,i want it so bad

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rabstar Author 1517628950 ago

I will re-upload sorry, in blender it said it was 19k then I guess on unity it changed not sure! I will upload it asap

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Thebluechimera 1517626990 ago

Aww, just slightly over 20k tris.

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InvalidVillain 1517528348 ago

Unity said it has over 20k polygons so I'm unable to use it :c

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fabibastien 1517499921 ago


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