Kawaii Kanna 1/2 Sized (Read Desc for update)

Uploaded by nuclearsyrup 1517512512 ago


From the same person who brought you Kawaii Kanna, I'm now releasing 1/2 scaled Kanna like I said if tat one got 100 downloads.

Thank you for getting me to #1 Trending

I will be updating both models as my skills with unity get better

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nuclearsyrup Author 1518313965 ago

But the menus don’t work and it’s my personal so I’m not posting it

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nuclearsyrup Author 1518313921 ago

Already have Kaz

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Kaz 1518246406 ago

Make a 1/4 sized

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FireCrauter 1517531615 ago

"weeb trash"? xdxdxD

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Hordy 1517521924 ago

btw, there is two "load me" files, the one in "kanna files" folder have a wrong view position

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Hordy 1517520482 ago

make a man-sized Kanna :D

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nuclearsyrup Author 1517517516 ago

You mean like the one I made that's trending #1?

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lordvortexian 1517516467 ago

can you make a taller Kanna ?

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