Shaggy at 10% Power - 20k (visemes and eye tracking)

Uploaded by Eagle 1552860507 ago


Model by

Visemes and blinking made and model made vrc ready by Jerome
(Jerome#0001 on Discord)

Uses Mochie's Uber Shader 1.6

All the materials come with diffuse, normal, metallic and roughness maps, can be edited to make the model look better (I've removed the roughness maps for the body and hair, otherwise they look a bit glossy)

Any questions? DM me on Discord @ Eagle#4191

PS: This is the model before it was turned into a Jump Force mod

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GalliniWorldHD 1553017593 ago

Wow, this is super nice work but if you can add an Ultra instinct Aura or Run animation great, Thanks and i Vote Up.

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risqy 1552860699 ago


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