Nemurin (8 Custom Emotes, Cubed Shaders, Blinking, Gestures)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1517552504 ago


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The newest VRCSdk doesn't work please download the one in the link below(Use this if you get the ONSPAudioSource Error):!F2AH3L7T!Trcj4SssZL0eYSEUOJFNEWdLZs41wdo0CAOQMyUqBBs

You will also need to import the CubedShaders package into unity before importing this avatar, the download link is below:

This avatar comes with 2 gestures, blinking, and dynamic bones. No lip sync or eye tracking since the bone structure was all in japanese and I have no clue what any of it was in blender. This model looks a little weird. I don't know who modeled it, but it looks a little strange. If you don't like the pillow on the model I made an invisible material in the materials folder named "toon_blank 1" for you to put on the pillow mesh. Has 8 custom emotes including: Caramell Dance, 0 To 100, Bubble Top, Gangnam, Hip Hop Dancing, Shuffle, Running Man Slav, Sweet Dreams.

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named Nemurin placed in the folder named FBX
5. Upload

There are three gestures for this model:
RockNRoll: Pulls out a scar and shoots
Victory: Happy expression

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CutieCustard 1613968667 ago

is this for 3.0 or 2.0?

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kotonii 1602553134 ago

Bruh this avatar is stolen, take it down

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__Doc__ 1571691252 ago

Currently Translating the parents, theres one parent on her left hand called "???? pillow", gonna go out on a limb and say thats where you can disable the pillow in unity.

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Hayan 1546227192 ago

Her cloud minions look a bit weird. One of them only have one eye and two are combined into one like a sham twins. I couldn't fix that because there were no textures for the clunds.

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Hayan 1546226994 ago

Just a few texture mistakes I found. Her eyes are missing the pupil, making her seem to be under a hypnosis, and the color of her clothes and hair are less colorful than the picture. I fixed both issues in the photoshop in a few mins though.

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Hayan 1546226773 ago

@Pasteli that's not a fix. It still makes the blush stand out from rest of her cheek. I just set the shader to particles-addictive to make it transparent.

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Pasteli 1523201802 ago

@kok0roki I fixed that.
Materials>Blush>Shader>Cubed Paradox>Flat Lit Toon>Rendering Mode>Fade

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kok0roki 1519722179 ago

theirs a texture bug on her cheeks, it pops out like stickers under her eyes

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TheUnknownNZ 1518246944 ago

could you make a mob boss version of this model?


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bobilly89 Author 1517562998 ago

If anyone has recently downloaded this model I would suggest redownloading since I just added a pretty big update.

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DukeofAngels 1517555265 ago

I was hoping to keep my Nemurin model all to myself. Ah well. Good upload though.

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