Trails (Perfect for Dancing)

Uploaded by Lugia01 1553876476 ago


Drag the prefab to the 3rd finger bone of your Avatar and use whatever shader on it ( I prefer a slightly transparent shader).

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ohmygodethan 1554425287 ago

real talk to anyone having any trouble. just right click in an open space in your assets and click creat-material. select the trail system you added to to your model under the last bone on any finger and just drag that material to the empty space under the trail system in your inspector. now you can add a shader to it and be able to select the color of your choice. gl yall and have fun. :)

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PlushyDash 1555123905 ago

is this even full body?

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Eryn 1554080686 ago

No offense....but do people really need a prefab for this?
It's literally just going to your finger bones and just adding trail renderer component for each one. takes seconds to set up, so it kind of baffles me a bit that there are so many downloads.

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SethW 1578281593 ago

Thank you!

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LucarioNiiSan 1577750608 ago


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CheinSojang 1554433276 ago

how do you use this, this just crashes my unity

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floppiii 1554318287 ago

Imagine people can't even create damn trail renderers

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Lugia01 Author 1554096535 ago

yeah niggas are legit stoopid like they can't even put the material on it like tf

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Rubba 1554063709 ago

3th... holy

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seabug 1554057319 ago

Perfect for yeeting

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CryCry 1554048357 ago

This improved my Tracking by 70%!!

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CheinSojang 1553994187 ago

how you get this many downloads dafuq

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Lugia01 Author 1553960994 ago

you need to put the material in the prefab then change the colour in the material

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Mystery Bang 1553960545 ago

It just appears as yellow/orange when I try to change colors and shiet, I'm probably missing something

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Joltze 1553959985 ago

Anyone who dosent know how to make trails is actually brain dead

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Ruisuu18 1553958698 ago

is this full-body ready?

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JawbonesCoolBoi 1553947640 ago


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Lugia01 Author 1553933344 ago

You can put them on both hands it just needs to be in last finger bone

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LeviathanJabb 1553922977 ago

just a quick question which hand do you put it on?

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Nenaa 1553901581 ago

100% Vegan, love it.

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Deltknight 1553899297 ago

I'm having issues setting it up so I decided not to add them

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four 1553893470 ago

5st comment

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Grubbiest 1553890203 ago


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ak 1553884272 ago

3th Comment

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CheinSojang 1553876615 ago

i like

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Slurmpershnar 1553876607 ago


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