Konko (Gestures, 8 Custom Emotes, Lip Sync, Eye Track)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1517557749 ago


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You will also need to import the CubedShaders package into unity before importing this avatar, the download link is below:

This model has 1 gesture. I might add in more later. It also has dynamic bones for the skirt and hair with colliders on the hands. Has 8 custom emotes including: Caramell Dance, 0 To 100, Bubble Top, Gangnam, Hip Hop Dancing, Shuffle, Running Man Slav, Sweet Dreams

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named Konko placed in the folder named FBX
5. Upload

Victory: Happy expression

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bobilly89 Author 1547186642 ago

@cuddleBunnyLucy just drag an invisible material on it, you can make one by right clicking and create new material, then set it as flare

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CuddleBunnyLucy 1517935353 ago

Is there a version without the model of the backpack?

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Lisk 1517598044 ago

the last emotion in - edit- after playing has finished it still works, only stops moving forward\\back\\to the left or right!

this Avatar is amazing and I love it, Cheers! :)

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Thunderchild 1517581011 ago

Yes I was using all those, I managed to get it loaded by running it when Unity was closed. Also I think the arms are too Decimated :( look so broken when emoting. Other than that this Avatar is amazing and I love it, Cheers

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bobilly89 Author 1517573954 ago

@thunderchild are you sure you are using cubed shaders plugin? I just tested the package and it works fine for me. Try to maybe update unity or use the vrcsdk I have linked.

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Thunderchild 1517570537 ago

I get Error: failed to import package, couldnt decompress package :/

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Lisk 1517569655 ago

4. Load the scene named Konko placed in the folder named FBX

how to download?

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