Red RAcast

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The RAcast from Phantacy Star Online: Blue Burst
A game that existed on PC, Game Cube and Dream Cast

Original textures and model dimensions scaled for VRChat. Everything is ready to go, just upload.
Face does squish a bit when looking down, because bones, can't fix that myself.

Took me 9 hours to make because it was my first time ever doing jack squat in 3D modeling. I hate Blender...

UPDATE: I'm aware of the camera clipping with the front chest plate. Just modify the avatar descriptor "VRC_Avatar Descriptor (Script) "for the camera to a tad bit higher, try changing the Y to a higher number and remember that for every 0.1 you raise it, is about an inch I think. I know it's higher then the eyes but it's how the camera look works. If I were to make it's neck longer, it wouldn't look original and I'm still trying to figure out how to disconnect the bones in the neck to prevent the squishing face, but when I go to upload the updated avatar, I get an error from Unity. If you have any helpful tips to fixing these slight issues, let me know in the comments below.

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RaideiR 1525002448 ago

It would be nice to have a HUcast skin.

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