X-Bot Fixed

Uploaded by demonic 1554163399 ago


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Credit to the original uploader: https://vrcmods.com/item/3841-XBot

I was trying to upload the avatar and got an error for the bones, so I fixed the bones. There should no longer be problems uploading.
I DID NOT make this avatar, this is just a fixed version.

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Bradster 1554220576 ago


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PuniieGodx 1554217084 ago

well this is a useless RE-upload

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Rokk 1554216493 ago

You fixed them the wrong way around, you're supposed to merge upper chest into chest (or leave upper chest unmapped). Otherwise the spine is all out of wack, the spine controls 75% of the torso and the chest only 25%.

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Lucasgintoki 1554164542 ago

Nice Reupload

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JawbonesCoolBoi 1554164104 ago

so basicly, you removed spine1?

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