Prone idle

Uploaded by Izumiii 1561605680 ago



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AlphaWolf8990 1622394319 ago

what unity and what sdk?

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SapPlayer 1583949694 ago

can you give us the model it looks nice tho

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Red134 1583681325 ago

heels on ground comrade found heels in sky western spy

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CubicP1sa 1572024670 ago

i have no idea how to make this thing work

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AzulieZeiro 1562635438 ago

I luv it

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Xenic 1561747046 ago

i'm very sorry for such spam, new to this whole account thing but i have deleted the copies of my own comments. please forgive me for such, i got the 'comment corrupted' thing or whatever it was called,, so you can probably guess what i did.

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Shinigami 1561717751 ago

xenic why you spam

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bitty 1561670784 ago

is this a lil slav squat

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Xenic 1561661335 ago

not here for anything but just saying, The download itself is a idle animation for people to apply to avatars. There is absolutely no avatar in this download. Yes, i didnt post it but this is just a idle animation for others to use, and yes this is meant to you RevampedNinja.

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RevampedNinja 1561648805 ago

Where's the model at?

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LuuyKomori 1561630336 ago


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