Kawaii PsychoUpdates Boy

Uploaded by PsychoUpdates 1562048293 ago


I made a couple more PsychoUpdates Boys, hope you enjoy them ^~^

If you want the DiscordBoy, then join my discord server- https://discord.gg/jcTQ86x

This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Eye Tracking

Last VRCMods upload- https://vrcmods.com/item/4898-PsychoUpdates-Boy

Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeZdId9wkVEOjG-nB7XNUA?view_as=subscriber
Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/psychoupdates
Discord- https://discord.gg/jcTQ86x

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perfect_Susanoo 1612466263 ago

Why does it stay all purple?

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Skittlesbeano 1573075680 ago


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Red134 1564246648 ago

@HamsterModder to be fair neko is a world class shitlord so he kind of deserves it
this guy doesnt tho, im even friends with him on vrc

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WatDaEGG 1563183510 ago

Any chance you could add full body to it I love using it for younger me.

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HamsterModder 1562918469 ago

@SadisticKannaXI Well Hell raven okuu is just shitting on every avatar creator on this website. Check out NEK0'S work : Hell raven okuu will be here to shit on it

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Hell raven okuu 1562325017 ago

Everything, shitty fotm character from a terrible show Don't @ me

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Red134 1562283397 ago

my pp hard

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RevampedNinja 1562178146 ago

Psycho be Updatin' good models in VRCMods

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SadisticKannaXI 1562170551 ago

Tho I do got a comment about the actual model. I used polishaders and the face didn't have no color, it stayed white with no definition like the images

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SadisticKannaXI 1562170490 ago

What's wrong with Kanna models Hell raven okuu?

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Hell raven okuu 1562165272 ago

nigga this is just a kanna model with a short hair swap

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Bed 1562164833 ago

hey dude, funnykid here. why did u mute me on vrc?

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Animemadhatter2021 1562099436 ago

its cute but it be nice to see girl one's for us girls...cute model though.

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bluelewdfoxy 1562098594 ago

is there an adult version

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