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Kawaii PsychoUpdates Boy Screenshot Kawaii PsychoUpdates Boy Screenshot Kawaii PsychoUpdates Boy Screenshot

2.2K Total Downloads

52.1K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


I made a couple more PsychoUpdates Boys, hope you enjoy them ^~^

If you want the DiscordBoy, then join my discord server-

This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Eye Tracking

Last VRCMods upload-


Assets (18 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/KawaiiBoy/TEX/tda tatoo.png
/Assets/KawaiiBoy/MATS/New Material.mat
/Assets/KawaiiBoy/MATS/New Material 2.mat
/Assets/KawaiiBoy/MATS/New Material 5.mat
/Assets/KawaiiBoy/MATS/New Material 6.mat
/Assets/KawaiiBoy/MATS/New Material 1.mat
/Assets/KawaiiBoy/MATS/New Material 3.mat

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perfect_Susanoo 1612466263 ago

Why does it stay all purple?

Skittlesbeano 1573075680 ago


WatDaEGG 1563183510 ago

Any chance you could add full body to it I love using it for younger me.

HamsterModder 1562918469 ago

@SadisticKannaXI Well Hell raven okuu is just shitting on every avatar creator on this website. Check out NEK0'S work : Hell raven okuu will be here to shit on it

Hell raven okuu 1562325017 ago

Everything, shitty fotm character from a terrible show
Don't @ me

Red134 1562283397 ago

my pp hard

RevampedNinja 1562178146 ago

Psycho be Updatin' good models in VRCMods

JustJessiVR 1562170551 ago

Tho I do got a comment about the actual model. I used polishaders and the face didn't have no color, it stayed white with no definition like the images

JustJessiVR 1562170490 ago

What's wrong with Kanna models Hell raven okuu?

Hell raven okuu 1562165272 ago

nigga this is just a kanna model with a short hair swap

Bed 1562164833 ago

hey dude, funnykid here. why did u mute me on vrc?

Animemadhatter2021 1562099436 ago

its cute but it be nice to see girl one's for us girls...cute model though.

bluelewdfoxy 1562098594 ago

is there an adult version


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