KannaSasukeSagiri [Eye Tracking, Face anims, FBX, Lip Sync]

Uploaded by Reavo 1564237489 ago


Some people ripped my model and as the EDITOR of this model (I'm not claiming it as mine since it says that in the "Readme" also base made by icemega5) since I don't use nor care about it anymore I'm just giving it out publicly instead of being in a discord full of rippers...

Source(s): https://www.deviantart.com/vexikku/art/Sagiri-Izumi-Render-Jacket-and-No-Mask-Version-755968708 | https://vrcmods.com/item/1125-Kanna-High-Quality-Lip-Sync-Eye-Track-Emotes-Gestures-

Shift+F6/ROCKNROLL = MiddleFinger (I accidently deleted it to remove a .dll so... my bad)

Comes with different skin color from white to light-skinned nigg. Some goofy vans i actually wasted my time re-coloring to burgundy, and different eyes you can choose from as well. Ex. Sharigan, Pentagram, Normal eyes, etc.


Dripp Level: 61.6/100

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Nigga 1564387503 ago


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PsychoUpdates 1564244292 ago

love you reavo

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Polygonal 1586825033 ago


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Reavo Author 1567403620 ago

by the way I condone racism, Sadistic

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dude im laughing rn 1564564165 ago


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Reavo Author 1564388338 ago

@Hell raven okuu If it's such a shitty model then people shouldn't take so much time to rip it then...

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SadisticKannaXI 1564376918 ago

@Hell raven okuu.. Does your loser ass really gotta drop the N word like that? Are you that insecure with your race that you degrade people by calling them that? You my friend, are pathetic. I hope both our comments are deleted, but you at least read this and get triggered like the human waste of space you are. Also, Reavo...I like the Kanna model. Thumbs up.

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HoIIow 1564312178 ago

Gang Gang <3

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Reavo Author 1564277311 ago

I love you too @PsychoUpdates

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tachophobic 1564245922 ago


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NeganVR 1564245085 ago


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