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T-90 Main Battle Tank complete with its signature bright red merciless eyes.
Scene file is named 't90a vrcmods', and yes, I detached the pipeline manager component this time. Completely ready to upload. Comment if there are any issues.
Assets are still messy as usual for me so you might want to use a new project for this if you don't want your pretty and organized project to get junked up.
SHIFT + F2 - Stops turret rotation, resets gun to be fired again, stops MG fire
SHIFT + F3 - Fire main gun
SHIFT + F4 - Fire MG (bullets continue on their way after you stop shooting)
SHIFT + F5 - Gun Elevate
SHIFT + F6 - Turret Right
SHIFT + F7 - Turret Left
SHIFT + F8 - Gun Depress

EMOTE "ESS" - Emit smokescreen from exhaust vent (you can move after activating it and the smoke emission will continue for 15 seconds)
EMOTE "Smoke Grenades" - Pop smoke grenades in front of you (you can move without making the smoke disappear)
EMOTE "Reset Gun and Turret" - Resets the gun and turret to their centered position if they become desynced for others
The other emotes are not compatible with this tank, I am just too lazy to remove them as I use the same animator controller for all tanks.

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PsychoUpdates 1575834790 ago

is it fullbody?

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krieg 1603130821 ago

kys and delete your shitty models, worthless wuss

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Terrox 1599280069 ago

does it fire

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TheFrostyPenguin 1585353480 ago

i just found this and i know its a bit late, but how do i decrease the polygons ?

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Red134 Author 1575437412 ago

i got 2 sex from negan i must be special

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jackster 1567931738 ago

the camera is a bit too low for me, how do i change that (also do u have discord) http://prnt.sc/p3az8c

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NeganVR 1566035620 ago


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Kassatsu 1564267519 ago

Finally, my gender is represented in VRChat.

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NeganVR 1564256813 ago


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