Steve with simple Rig system

Uploaded by Huguito 1518289004 ago


A simple rigged steve model from Minecraft, made by me!!
Simple because doesn't have high poly body (like original steve rig models for render videos / machinimas) Is a very low poly model but works fine! Is not annoying to see

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Huguito Author 1542925941 ago

@itmidnight I think is a anisotropic game config, idk

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Huguito Author 1542925868 ago

@Abel16 mmmm I will try!! :)

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itmidnight 1538706010 ago

does anyone know how to make your minecraft skin to 512x256 without it being all blurry

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Abel16 1535249471 ago

so that we can have an ultimate model for emotes, animations, and dances, etc.

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Abel16 1535247387 ago

Can you make an advanced rig version of this model perhaps?

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MrEl 1534146095 ago

I've found that if you upscale your personal Minecraft skin to 512 x 256 (64x32) you can use it. HOWEVER! I wish it was 512x512 so you can add the jacket layer without any problems. To do that, we need to figure out how to add a separate model for jackets only.

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Snoipah 1526407390 ago

ill replace his skin with captainsparklez and run around screaming creeper

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Benie 1520361411 ago

From what I'm seeing, the texture is a skin from Minecraft. Ergo, it might be possible to import your Minecraft skin into Unity, and using this model as its base.
Highly promising.

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Hydrahead22 1519345001 ago

hey can you add me on discord and help me do a simillar avatar with a different skin please?

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hamzajam790 1518507425 ago


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hamzajam790 1518507414 ago


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Huguito Author 1518409938 ago

You can modify the png texture hehe

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hamzajam790 1518381873 ago

learn me how i do that

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hamzajam790 1518381672 ago

i dont know how

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Itsuki 1518355107 ago

@hamazajam790 can't you just edit texture/surface assets around to remove the blue in Steve's eyes?

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hamzajam790 1518353594 ago

make herobrine skin

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