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Steve with simple Rig system Screenshot

2.8K Total Downloads

67K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


A simple rigged steve model from Minecraft, made by me!!
Simple because doesn't have high poly body (like original steve rig models for render videos / machinimas) Is a very low poly model but works fine! Is not annoying to see

Assets (4 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Steve Rig/SteveRig.unity
/Assets/Steve Rig/SteveRIG.png
/Assets/Steve Rig/SteveRig.fbx
/Assets/Steve Rig/Materials/SteveRIG.png.mat

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Huguito Author 1542925941 ago

@itmidnight I think is a anisotropic game config, idk

Huguito Author 1542925868 ago

@Abel16 mmmm I will try!! :)

itmidnight 1538706010 ago

does anyone know how to make your minecraft skin to 512x256 without it being all blurry

Abel16 1535249471 ago

so that we can have an ultimate model for emotes, animations, and dances, etc.

Abel16 1535247387 ago

Can you make an advanced rig version of this model perhaps?

MrEl 1534146095 ago

I've found that if you upscale your personal Minecraft skin to 512 x 256 (64x32) you can use it. HOWEVER! I wish it was 512x512 so you can add the jacket layer without any problems. To do that, we need to figure out how to add a separate model for jackets only.

Snoipah 1526407390 ago

ill replace his skin with captainsparklez and run around screaming creeper

Benie 1520361411 ago

From what I'm seeing, the texture is a skin from Minecraft. Ergo, it might be possible to import your Minecraft skin into Unity, and using this model as its base.Highly promising.

Hydrahead22 1519345001 ago

hey can you add me on discord and help me do a simillar avatar with a different skin please?

hamzajam790 1518507425 ago


hamzajam790 1518507414 ago


Huguito Author 1518409938 ago

You can modify the png texture hehe

hamzajam790 1518381873 ago

learn me how i do that

hamzajam790 1518381672 ago

i dont know how

Itsuki 1518355107 ago

@hamazajam790 can't you just edit texture/surface assets around to remove the blue in Steve's eyes?

hamzajam790 1518353594 ago

make herobrine skin


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