Angela Balzac

Uploaded by Quadrat 1518544491 ago


Make Shure to open the UnityPackage called "OpenMe". Everything includet

Ty for Upvote & Download

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Hayan 1547391713 ago

It would be great to know who made the model

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PureMystery 1540027989 ago

Works great, thank you.

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HypersonicOcelot 1521331798 ago

I love the model. Whats the fix on the eyes?

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Nightressa 1518815584 ago

I hope they eyes were fixed. I really loved the anime movie she was from!

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Nubbins 1518807049 ago

were the eyes fixed?

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Rika360 1518599614 ago

ok gracias esperare haha

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Quadrat Author 1518587239 ago

i need to find out how to fix it first ...

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Rika360 1518586926 ago

genial dime si ya esta resuelto

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Quadrat Author 1518545622 ago

I noticed small problems with the eyes! i ill fix that tomorro as soon as posible.

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